Thursday, December 13, 2012

Untitled Night Composition No. 1

I wish I could record a full sensory memory of having these girls asleep with me. Resting on the big nursing pillow in a double football hold, loads of legs sprawled out behind us. Fuzzy little heads inclined toward each other. Hands on me, in each other's faces, sticking out in random places. Happy sleep sighs. Fat orange cat purring on my legs, ready to run off as soon as I unbuckle the pillow. We do this when we go to bed around 10:00, and then again, these days, around 4:00AM. With a singleton, I would roll over, half asleep, and let her nurse, but I am forced, for now, to hoist my pillow from beside the bed, sit up, feed them, unbuckle the pillow, and settle back down with a daughter in each arm. It may sound inconvenient, but these are probably my last babies, and I am a little bit grateful for being mostly awake to drink it in.